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easy pumpkin parfait

November 24, 2016 0

The holidays always seem like you have far less time than usually and commit to a lot more than you should. This holiday season I'm all about making sure any project/task I take on looks like I took a lot of time to complete, but actually was very easy. A few weeks ago I needed a dessert for a potluck I was attending. I knew that everyone would have these amazing homemade dishes to share with the group and I didn't want mine to fall short even though I was definitely short on time. It took me longer to come up with this idea than the actual execution. With little time to spare and a toddler always at foot, I set out to make my dessert that looked like I spent hours slaving away in a kitchen, but actually took me on 30 minutes. By...

a breakfast life for me

April 7, 2016 0

Mornings tend to be a little rushed around here lately. No matter how much I prep the night before, I always feel like I don't have enough time in the morning before we need to head out the door. Add in the fact that I'm not a huge breakfast food fan and it makes it extra difficult to fit anything in. Let me clarify my breakfast food issues. Call me weird but I don't love eggs! I really wish I did but I'll only eat them if they are covered with cheese and sausage. At that point they aren't that nutritious anymore. I love pancakes and waffles but can't live off of those every day or I'll need to fit in extra workouts to makeup for my indulgent breakfast. I also love oatmeal (yay for something healthy!), but often don't have enough time...

pie for pi day

March 14, 2016 0

3.1415926...and that's all I've got when it comes to reciting Pi. While the rest of the numbers are still fuzzy, I can remember seeing the banner hung around the perimeter of our 7th grade classroom. If only I'd paid closer attention in class 20 years ago, I might be able to give you more than 8 numbers! How do I like to celebrate Pi Day? With a delicious treat, of course! I originally had a cute St. Patty's Day craft lined up for the blog today (don't worry, I'll post it soon), but yesterday I realized that I needed something for Pi Day. I totally cheated though, because I didn't make this cherry pie. The amazing people at Susie Cakes did all the work for me and all I had to do was take pictures and eat it (really tough job, I know)....