I’ve always had a crafty eye (my nickname in elementary school was Martha Stewart). This craftiness has allowed to own start my own business so I can’t look back on that old nickname and complain too much. My style, on the other hand, needs some help! It’s not that I ever look like a train wreck (except when I sported hammer pants and a fanny pack back in the day – what was I thinking!?!?!). I’d describe my clothes as pretty boring and I don’t take many risks when it comes to fashion. My friends and I call it the “Gap style”. The whole “Gap style” thing came about when a friend of mine complimented her boss on day on her outfit. Her boss told her she looked cute too, but that she had a “Gap style” and quickly followed up with “but that’s okay”. We still get a kick out of that story and I can proudly tell people that I have a “Gap style…but that’s okay”.

Anyways, let me get back on track here. Crafting is a strength, while style is well, not too much to be desired there. Unless you count my “Gap style” – hehe, that will never get old! This weekend I’m meeting up with Christina from Casually Glam for a quick trip to Sonoma. This lady always looks amazing and I wish I could live in her closet. Since I never look as fab as her, I’ve decided that I should come bearing a crafty gift to compensate for my boring wardrobe.

I was browsing the Chalk of Love website and found this tote. Since Christina runs marathons (yep, she’s a fashionista and runner – so jealous), I thought this would be a perfect tote for her.