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c&c weekly roundup | vol. 7

May 13, 2016 0

My current go to dessert is this amazing chocolate pot de creme. It's so tasty and can be made ahead of time. I usually make a vanilla bean whipped cream to put on top. I'm dying to make this Buddha Bowl for lunch next week. These frozen smoothie cups from Daily Harvest are the best thing I've seen in a while. They send you everything you need to make a delicious smoothie and you just add a liquid and blend it up. Genius! I'm loving all these fun summer nail colors! I want this whole outfit, but I have to have those shoes!!! I'm in love. I'I was so happy when Johanna Gaines came out with her own wall color collection. This woman certainly knows what she's doing in a house! We're about to get rid of our coffee table...

s’mores y’all

May 12, 2016 0

You may have seen my Instagram post last Sunday about cracking eggs. Missed it? No biggie, just click here. I can tell you now that it takes two people to crack an egg if those two are my friends Courtney and Carli. I love them both, but I wouldn't consider either of them great in the kitchen (hopefully they don't kill me for putting that out there for everyone to read). Sunday's baking adventure started when Courtney decided she wanted to buy a bunch of tools to decorate cupcakes. I offered for her to borrow everything from me before she shelled out the money to embark on her new hobby. Somehow that turned into her coming over and baking with me so I could teach her how to use everything. To make the day even more fun I invited Carli...