I wish I was talented enough to make this sideboard table. I’ve been looking for something like this for our living room.

I think I’ll make this California Chicken, Avocado, Veggie, Rice Bowl for lunch next week. Yum!!!

This Hummus Plate looks amazing and I’ll definitely be making it at my next gathering.

This Batman parody from the opening number of Hamilton is hilarious! Haven’t heard the original? Click here.

I made this Fresh Tomato & Herbed Ricotta Bruschetta last night for a mom’s night out event and it was a HUGE hit and super easy to make.

We had a brief stretch of hot weather recently and I made simple ice cream sandwiches for a last minute BBQ. These different combinations take ice cream sandwiches to the next level.

We are taking a trip to Seattle this weekend and always find such great coffee while there. I’m thinking of stepping up my coffee game with some of these iced coffee recipes.

Happy Tax Day!