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c&c weekly roundup | vol. 6

April 15, 2016 0

I wish I was talented enough to make this sideboard table. I've been looking for something like this for our living room. I think I'll make this California Chicken, Avocado, Veggie, Rice Bowl for lunch next week. Yum!!! This Hummus Plate looks amazing and I'll definitely be making it at my next gathering. This Batman parody from the opening number of Hamilton is hilarious! Haven't heard the original? Click here. I made this Fresh Tomato & Herbed Ricotta Bruschetta last night for a mom's night out event and it was a HUGE hit and super easy to make. We had a brief stretch of hot weather recently and I made simple ice cream sandwiches for a last minute BBQ. These different combinations take ice cream sandwiches to the...

sprinkles, please!

April 14, 2016 0

I've been in a bit of a creative rut the past two weeks and have had a very difficult time coming up with ideas for blog. I find myself scouring Pinterest for inspiration, but nothing comes to me. I decide to give my mind a rest and hope that I had some sort of idea come to mind. Yesterday during M's nap I really wanted a donut. Since the little one was sleeping and I couldn't leave her (that's a parenting no-no, right?), I decided to make a batch of donuts that I quickly devoured after taking these pictures. It took a lot of self control to do that! I didn't have many weird cravings while I was pregnant. I actually had more food aversions than cravings, but no matter how crappy I felt I was always in the mood for a donut. Fortunately...

c&c weekly roundup | vol. 5

April 8, 2016 0

These SF Giants Commercials put a huge smile on my face--these guys are hilarious off the field. Be sure to check out the last video of the bloopers. Go Giants! I love the idea of a coffee station (the hubby takes coffee very seriously around here) and the sideboard table is amazing. I can't believe she made it herself! Pasta is a weakness of mine. This Bucatini with Butter-Roasted Tomato Sauce not only looks delicious but is super easy to make. We don't travel that much (at least not anywhere too exciting), but I was just thinking that it would be fun to get a rack to put up the coffee mugs we typically buy when we go somewhere new. Here are 6 Creative Ideas to Track Your Travels, including a mug wall. I'm sure by now...

a breakfast life for me

April 7, 2016 0

Mornings tend to be a little rushed around here lately. No matter how much I prep the night before, I always feel like I don't have enough time in the morning before we need to head out the door. Add in the fact that I'm not a huge breakfast food fan and it makes it extra difficult to fit anything in. Let me clarify my breakfast food issues. Call me weird but I don't love eggs! I really wish I did but I'll only eat them if they are covered with cheese and sausage. At that point they aren't that nutritious anymore. I love pancakes and waffles but can't live off of those every day or I'll need to fit in extra workouts to makeup for my indulgent breakfast. I also love oatmeal (yay for something healthy!), but often don't have enough time...

c&c weekly roundup | vol. 4

April 1, 2016 0

We're coming up on our pups 2 year adopta-birthday and I want to make these Apple & Peanut Butter Pupcakes to celebrate. This Double Dutch Braid looks adorable and easy enough for me to pull off when I'm short on hair styling time. I loved Choco Tacos as a kid. Actually, let me rephrase that, I love Choco Tacos! I guess I really never thought about making them at home, but it looks pretty easy and I love these different flavor combinations. I've been drooling over the MinimalVS Etsy store all week. I love the idea of picking a few rings to stack on my finger. I'm liking this one, with this one, and this one. I've started noticing a lot of lace up shoes lately (I'm always a little behind in the fashion trends so I'm sorry...