I’ve apparently had a lot of cake on my mind lately. This Milo Ice Cream Cake…OMG! Get in my belly right now.

My LO isn’t old enough yet, but this scavenger hunt is an adorable idea for St. Patty’s Day. 

I’ve always loved chai lattes, but recently I’ve become obsessed with them. I’m talking about making at least one a day. Loving this recipe right now.

I channeled my inner Snoop Dogg when I saw the name of this drink and have been singing “Gin & Juice” all day. Whether you get the song stuck in your head or not, you should definitely try this drink.

I’d never skip that meal if breakfast always looked this good every day.

I’ll be completely honest – I don’t have a great fashion sense! Fortunately for me the ladies over at Casually Glam put together so many steal-worthy outfits. This is one of my faves. Also this one. And this one. Guess I can’t pick just one 🙂

I was really rooting for Leo at the Oscars and was so happy he won. I know this is old news, but this video is adorable!

I made this dip for my Oscar party and it was a huge hit. I had leftovers and it was even better the next day!

As the mother to a little one, it’s no secret that I don’t always get a ton of shut-eye. Whether you have a kid at home or just had a hard time sleeping, these tips are sure to help in the morning when you need a little help perking up.

There truly is an art to layering necklaces and I’m sad I don’t have an eye for that sort of thing, but this Etsy store does. I’d like to buy one of everything, but I’ll settle for this and this and all the necklaces she has layered with them 🙂

Happy Weekend!